Monday, February 22, 2010

Shopping the museums

Using images of extant garments I've put together an outfit I would love to own, and because it's so dreary outside I've chosen warm, bright yellow as my theme!

I'm starting with shoes, because really, is there any more important part to an outfit? These are absolutely my favorite pair of shoes in the world, and someday I would love to have some like them made for me by the incomparable Sarah Juniper. ( )

Continuing with our theme we have a quilted caraco of butter yellow satin from 1778. This looks perfect for curling up in at home with a book, or even strolling out to the shops in the morning. The diamond-shaped quilting goes smashingly with the latticed design on our shoes!

If we are going to go out, or if the fireplaces simply aren't providing adequate heat, we will want to put on these pretty fingerless mitts from c. 1780. It's hard to tell but it looks to me like they could be some kind of taffeta, in which case I think I would like them lined with something warmer. I loathe being cold.

Of course we can't go out without the proper hairstyle, and I think I would like something similar to this. Perhaps it's for the resemblance to soft, cozy wool, but this hairstyle looks warm, and with a pink ribbon would be simply lovely. The best thing about wigs is their ability to keep the head warm, while avoiding the dreaded Hat Hair. Perhaps a nice Dormeuse cap to top it off, and we are ready to face the day!

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