Friday, February 26, 2010

Recommendation- Antoinette's Atelier

I rarely do this, but I am using this week's recommendation slot to bring you news of a fabulous webshop I recently discovered called Antoinette's Atelier, but which I have not yet ordered from. First of all I love the name; it says couture and 18th century all in one, and that's exactly what it is! All 18th century-inspired items, from shoes to jewelry, dolls to mannequins.

It is the wigs though that deserve special mention. Above is a picture of my personal favorite, but they come in lots of styles and colors, and there are in-stock items as well as custom orders, which seem to be strongly encouraged.

Now when you see the prices for the wigs you might gasp a little, but trust me, I work in theatre and have access to a lot of different suppliers and while it's pretty easy to find or adapt a Hedgehog style, those 1770s concoctions with the barrel curls are really tough to come by, and aren't any cheaper when you do find them. I find that even if you do it yourself, by the time you buy a wig or two (after all you'll want some practice), burn one with a curling iron, get the right kind of powder, wig clips, do the sewing and teasing and styling, and spraying, powdering, pinning, and embellishing, you'll have spent nearly as much. Sometimes it's worth the money to have someone else spend the time and aggravation. Having said that, when I personally can afford to do it, I think I'll be putting in an order for one myself.

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