Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 13th, 1780

Being much recovered I can now pick up my pen to recount the latest happenings. I was removed to the Hotel d'Evreaux, and though it is the Duke's prefered home he is not present. His wife and son, Jacque, are however and they do not seem happy to have me here. I think it is that fear that ever since the accident Jacque cannot have children and their line will pass to my branch. Not that I am proving to be any more fruitful in my unmarried state.

That is all beside the point though. I requested this morning of the doctor when I could return home, and reluctantly he informed me that my illness was the result of a poison. Asked if he was certain he insisted that he was, and that until the culprit was proven it was not safe for my whereabouts to be known. I think it likely that Paris is well-aware of my current residence, as the gossip will be running high both on account of my illness, and due to the nature of the inheiritance issue.

I have sent a letter to F- to ask for details, as I know the doctor has been in close contact with him about this matter, and one to Thierry to inform him of my situation. I hope that now that it is spring he will hurry back, for I do miss him dearly. I think that I am only calm in light of this most startling revelation because he is not here for me to lean on. Were he here, then I would have someone for whom I need not pretend to be strong. I hope that F- will come soon with news.

Reinette at least is with me, but none of my servants are free of suspicion and so I am attended by the Duke's alone. I'm not sure I feel safer for that. Maman, hearing that I am much recovered has gone back to Riom and her husband, but she sends to ask after my health all the same.

I do little but wait for word and rest, I cannot seem to shake a terrible malaise and hope that the effects of this poison are not lasting.

Olympe, Comtesse

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