Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 19, 1780

A week almost has passed and I have begun attending meals with my cousins, though I think I would prefer to continue taking them in my room where the atmosphere is less strained. A letter from Thierry at last informs me that he struggled with the impulse to rush back to Paris, but in the end stayed in Lille long enough to receive word of my recovery. I confess myself surprised by his restraint, one which I do not think I could have shown if our situations were reversed.

Doctor Couvillion and my dear friends F&R ascertained that Marianne was not at fault for my poisoning and so she has been sent to attend me, though to my great surprise Pauline is still suspected. I cannot believe that she would be to blame, but it appears that it was after the meals which she brought to me that my sickness worsened. The kitchen staff is also believed to be innocent as I would certainly have died if any of them had a hand in it. That leaves only a few servants to examine, and I suspect they are taking harsh measures to gain the truth of it. After this I will either have to make ammends to those who are guiltless, or else hire all new servants. Of great concern is the fact that my housekeeper, Mme le Sang-Boeuf, is still under suspicion, as it was she who hired all of the servants I did not bring myself.

Today I think I will try to take my mind off of things by reading and playing with Reinette. I know that were I to embroider my mind would only wander back to the same concerns, and I am not in posession of my paints to attempt anything else.

Olympe, Comtesse

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