Saturday, June 25, 2011

Blog-anniversaire Part Deux!

Omigosh, I almost missed my own Blog Anniversary! June 30th 2009 I started posting, mostly as a place to keep my little diary of a noblewoman, but also to share in the wonderful community of 18th century enthusiasts that I have come to appreciate more every day. To celebrate two years of blogging I will be giving away two gifts, but there's a catch; to be eligible you must leave me a comment on any post from now until July 1st. I would be particularly interested to know how you became interested in the 18th century.

But Olympe, what are these gifts of which you speak? I'm glad you asked. One guest will receive a pierced brise-style scented fan
and a second guest will receive a postcard from Pretty Girl Postards to send to anyone you would like.

In the meantime let's pop open a bottle of champagne, deal the cards, kick off our silk slippers under the table, and get down to the serious business of celebrating!

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