Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Difficulties with Posting Comments

Recently I noticed that I was having a problem commenting or responding to comments on my own blog. I would click on "comment", write what I wanted to say, choose an ID to respond as, enter my word verification...and be asked to sign in. I'd sign in, and be sent right back to Anonymous land. Maybe you've been having this problem too, and in case you have I will tell you what finally worked for me.

Go to your dashboard and click "Sign Out" in the upper right-hand corner. It will take you to the sign-in page. UNCHECK the "Remember me" or "Keep me signed in" box, and sign in as normal. For some reason this should take you out of the sign-in loop so that it actually does remember your ID. It's counterintuitive, but it works.

Hope this helps!

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