Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 24th, 1781

Returning to Auvergne by way of Marseille and the road to Lyon as I had to go post. The money is low and I am sick to death of worrying about it. I have it in mind to sell all but three of my residences, which leaves me with a difficult decision. I am by far most fond of Saint Saturnin, but the seclusion that makes it my favorite also makes it one of the least useful of my holdings. Portaberaud in Riom must stay as I need a city residence, and I must clearly continue to lease Sully in Paris. That leaves Opme where I was born, and Lespinasse which is the only ancestral holding and legacy of my mother's family. Maman is already angry enough with me, selling Lespinasse would only add fuel to the fire.

I am of a disposition to be quick and decisive. Yes, Portaberaud must stay and Saint Saturnin is my home, I will not dispose of them. Perhaps I can come to an arrangement with Andre. Gift him Lespinasse as Maman wishes, but on the condition that he sell the castle and divide the proceeds with me. It is still a generous gift. That leaves Opme, where I rarely go and which is so in need of repair that selling it would lift a great burden from my purse while adding to the largesse. I could likewise combine my household staff if the new owners had no need of them, and save on the care of so many in diverse places.

So doing will give me ample funds with which to bring Thierry home from Venice, for I will need new friends, and that takes coin. I have already written to Msr. Poisson, who was ever our friend, and I have it in mind to try and renew the friendship we had with F-, and I believe I have an idea how best to accomplish this.

A rumor reached me when I was last in Lyon that R-'s sister is leaving the convent school there where she has been for many years. I think a visit to their widowed mother and an offer to have my cousin assist her presentation at court would put them quite in my debt. From there it will be easy to arrange a meeting between she and F-. If I know him, he will have forgotten all about her very existance, and it won't take much to convince him that R- would wish him to marry his sister. He may, in fact, be grateful for the introduction. That makes at least a small group of supporters for my cause.

To Auvergne, to Paris, to arms! I am full of vigor and feel that I could gallop all the way to Paris in a day. This time I won't let anything stop me.

Olympe, Comtesse

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