Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 30th, 1781

Ensconced in Portaberaud once more, near to the bustle of Riom. Today I meet with Maman, who will hopefully forgive me when she hears of my plan to share the proceeds from the potential sale of Lespinasse with Andre. It is curious that he and Mlle Delacoeur have been engaged for nearly a year and yet no plans for their wedding have been made. Do they ever intend to actually marry? Maman thinks it may not happen, and some letters from Andre give cause for doubt as well.

I have been very productive with letters gone in haste to my cousin Godefroy Duc de Bouillon about the presentation of R's sister, and several to my land agent about the sale of Lespinasse and Opme, as well as one to Andre regarding the same. Now I wait for replies, but am not idle in the meantime for Msr. Poisson at court has been in communication with me, and proposes to come to Sully as soon as I return to Paris.

I have been much absent from court in recent years, but I intend to return with style so to promote Thierry's return. I have sent word also to my marchande des modes that I will need new clothing, including a new court gown. I intend to be present with F- when my cousin makes the presentation; it will stop wagging tongues from continuing to push for enemity between us, and allow me to better facilitate a match, as well as reminding those who will have forgotten that I am closely related to the Duke and in line to inherit the Duchy since it is known that his son cannot produce an heir.

Even if it takes all of the resources I can command, we will win.

Olympe, Comtesse


  1. Hi Olympe,

    I'm really interested in this caraco and petticoat. Do you know where the image is from?


  2. Hi Dreamstress,

    I found this image about six years ago, and I regret to say that I was less thorough then in documenting my sources, so I don't know for sure where it is housed. I know that I found it originally through a link on

    Hope that helps!