Sunday, August 21, 2011

Research for hats

As I begin to work on all of those sewing and construction projects I promised to blog about when I returned from my honeymoon, I find that I am in the mood for some millinery. I love hats, modern and historical styles, and I fortunately received some training in graduate school on how to make them. So I've been researching some of my favorite 18th-century styles to decide which one to make first.

I have one hat blank from a costume sale I organized that would be great to cover or decorate to create something like this...

Or I could shape a felt one on a hat block for a look like this...

(This is my favorite)

I also have a whole roll of buckram if I decide to make one of these styles... 
How about a few more, just for inspiration?

(Pictures courtesy of "Eighteenth-century French Fashion Plates" edited by Stella Blum; and "The Complete Costume History" by Auguste Racinet)

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