Sunday, March 4, 2012

Trivia Monday!

Congratulations to Banker Chick who correctly answered last week's trivia question! There was a vast miniature palace and town commissioned by Princess Dorothea of Schwarzburg-Arnstadt in the 18th century. What was the name of that grand project?

The answer: Mon Plaisir! I have been fascinated by this tiny recreation of life both in and outside of the Prince's court, ever since I was very young. The Prince and Princess are themselves depicted in several rooms, as are some of their favorite courtiers, but everyone from nuns to maids to chimney sweeps are rendered in loving detail. For a plethora of beautiful images of the collection I strongly recommend checking out this video:-
You can also find out more about it in the book The Miniature House.

And now for this week's trivia question:-
What style of dress was inspired by Beaumarchais' Marriage of Figaro? Extra points if you can tell me what features distinguish it from other styles.

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