Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trivia Monday...on Tuesday

Oops! I'm a little late in posting the trivia question for this week, my apologies. Last week's question was promptly answered by Susanne N. The question was:-

"We all know that Marie Antoinett's morning routine was strictly regulated by court ettiquette, but she did get to choose her clothing for the day. A card with swatches of the fabric for each outfit were brought to her, and she would do what to indicate her choice?"

Susanne's response was "She used pins to mark which clothes she liked to wear." Indeed. The swatchbook above, though not one of Marie Antoinette's, gives an idea of what hers looked like, and I have heard that at least a few pages have survived which show the pin pricks from where she indicated her choices.

And now for this week's question:-

Antoine Lavoisier, known as the "Father of modern chemistry", has been mentioned along with his wife in a few of the diary entries. What two elements is he famous for having "discovered", or at least named?


  1. Hydrogen and Oxygen, though he was a chemist, he was executed during the French Revolution for being a tax collector.

  2. Yep, and he even postulated the chemical formula H2O for water. Technically it was for "selling watered-down tobacco" that he was executed, but he had been part of the tax collecting agency, snubbed Marat, and argued for freedom for foreigners during the revolution. Evidently these were all grave threats to the nation.