Monday, March 12, 2012

Trivia Monday!

It seems that I may have stumped you all last week. The question was "What style of dress was inspired by Beaumarchais' Marriage of Figaro?"

The answer:- Deshabille a la Suzanne! Named for the character of Figaro's sweetheart (and eventual wife) in the play, it consisted of a fitted jacket (similar to a perault), skirt, white apron, and fichu. I would also have given credit for the Costume au Grand Figaro, which is mentioned in a Galerie des Modes fashion plate.

The play was first officially performed in April of 1784, and had been heavily censored due mostly to the challenge it presented to the social order. Nevertheless it quickly became exceptionally popular inspiring, not only the two styles mentioned above, but also the Chapeau a la Basile, trimmings a la Figaro, and a Chapeau a la Cherubin. It's success led Mozart to compose his operatic version in 1786.

And now for this week's trivia question:-

We all know that Marie Antoinett's morning routine was strictly regulated by court ettiquette, but she did get to choose her clothing for the day. A card with swatches of the fabric for each outfit were brought to her, and she would do what to indicate her choice?