Thursday, June 7, 2012


The Morning Toilette
I love what paintings like this can tell us. I don't have a date or artist for this one, but from her hair and clothing worn by those around her it's likely to be the 1750s or earlier. I'm also bound to love any painting with frolicking spaniels in it.


  1. It's the Swedish artist Pehr Hilleström. I have a book saying it was painted in 1776...

    Nationalmuseum here i Sweden owns it:

    1. Thanks for the artist identifier! Hm, everywhere I find it says the painting has an unknown date of execution, even the museum link doesn't give an approximate date. Given that his other works that are dated to the 1770s have very different styles of hair and clothing I still have to wonder. Maybe if he started it earlier, in say the mid '60s then a completion date of 1771 could make sense.

    2. I've no idea why the book dates it to 1776...

  2. Hilleström was a pupil of Chardin and Boucher during his time in Paris and I think his early paintings, like this one, have such strong influences from the teachers. They look so very rococo and slightly anachronistic, if that makes sense. His later paintings, especially from the 1780s and onwards, have a different, more personal style and reflect his Swedish environments more strongly. I think :)

  3. This is so pretty!
    I love the French gown on the right. Look how the pleats are sewn down! ;)
    Thanks for posting this beautiful painting.

  4. I love this. Totally agree about the frolicking spaniels:)