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May 30th, 1782

I have been busy, and events have conspired to allow me to put my plans into effect. Lafayette's agent approved the repairs to Lespinasse and to my surprise he purchased the property for a price I little believed he would accept. Having continued to hear rumors that F- is in a considerable amount of debt, and his relatives tired of paying them, I sent a footman to all of my creditors with word that they should be at my Lever this morning, when I would be paying my debts in preparation for leaving Paris for the summer.

I am aware that many of the merchants from whom I purchase goods also serve the Marquis de F-. By paying them in full with the money I have on hand, knowing that my coffers will shortly be refilled from the sale of Lespinasse, I buy their loyalty in some measure, and perhaps when I suggest to them that they should call in the debts of a certain Marquis they will be inclined to do so.

In the meantime I have another problem with which to attend. The Duc de Saint-Aignan, Paul Marie de Beauvilliers, has begun visiting Clementine at her mother's house and my young friend is terrified that he will offer for her hand any day. She escapes here to Sully as often as she can and begs my help in likewise escaping an unwanted marriage, for she still dreams of being united with the Marquis de Menars, who also attends her when the Dowager Comtesse will allow it.

I think that I will suggest that Clementine travel to Auvergne with me this summer, so that her absence may whet the appetite of those who have not yet offered for her. If I act quickly I may succeed in enlisting Menars in more than one of my plots, for he would stand to gain if the Duc can be put off thereby.

I have not yet succeeded in broaching the subject of the Comte de Rodez's death; nor have a heard from Thierry, which continues to worry me somewhat. If I keep busy perhaps a letter will come to allay my fears.

Olympe, Comtesse

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