Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 28, 1779

I have always loved the turn of the year, and I think that with the beginning of a new decade we may well see the fulfillment of our hopes and desires. Thierry and I are considering returning to Auvergne, even though the roads will be difficult this time of year.

Being only two months along, Pauline is not yet showing her condition, but continues to be rather ill, especially in the mornings, which means that Marianne is wont to attend me alone. She, I am sure, would much prefer to remain in Paris, and will only put on airs as she did the last time we had been to town. I did finally receive a request from the footman, Gilbert Boucher, who was instrumental in the candle incident in August. He has requested the latest edition of the Encyclopedie, which I suspect he knows is actually several volumes. As I do like to see people educate themselves I will not spare the expense; I believe there is even an additional index now.

Msr. Poisson has assisted Thierry by once more giving him lodging at his own residence, but as I mentioned we are thinking of leaving soon anyhow. Maman has been in a temper, and I think the cold is getting into her bones. We are enjoying a very nice Christmas, but after a while one does long for home and the solitude of being away from people who give their opinions where they are not wanted.

The most pleasant thing is that Thierry and I have begun to discuss in earnest plans for marrying. This naturally figures into our desire to return home, where we may be together without comment or censure. I always have such high hopes for the new year, but never more so than now. Sometimes my own happiness frightens me, it is so tenuous.

Olympe, Comtesse

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