Friday, December 18, 2009

Get to Know- Andre Sebastien Cordelay

Andre Sebastien Cordelay (Fictitious)

Last time we met Mattieu, Olympe's youngest brother, and this time I'd like to introduce you to Andre, the elder one. The first child of Marie-Madeleine de Lespinasse and Guillame Renaud Cordelay, Andre was born in Riom on October 12, 1756. As this was only ten months after Olympe's own father's death, she had been sent away to a convent school, and would later attend St. Cyr where she remained far from her mother and brothers.

Andre grew up in Riom, and later attended the College Mazarin, where he met Caroline Delacour who was a singer. He left in 1774 and became a schoolmaster in the town of Ferney, where the Delacour family was from. He is trying to purchase a commission in the navy, but his changeable nature prevents Olympe from being willing to give him the necessary funds, and is a source of contention between them.

Due to the fact that they spent almost no time together as children, Olympe and Andre are not particularly close. When he was at school they had become friends and she would visit often, but in more recent years they have grown apart as they spent less time together.

Initially a happy and mischevious child, after his schooling Andre became withdrawn and bookish. Not an avid scholar himself, he is very unhappy as a teacher and looks forward to a different position, and refuses to marry Miss Delacour until he has a secure one. In contrast to his relationship with Olympe, he is very close to his younger brother, Mattieu, possibly as a result of seeing the deaths of three other siblings between them.

Andre's brooding nature and disatisfaction will become more and more evident as the events of the future continue to drive a wedge between him, and his sister, the Countess.


  1. Andre sounds like a dear even if he's currently without end. I hope he secure a position that gives him all he needs to be happy.
    Warmest regards,

  2. We shall see, Simone. I certainly hope his sense of resolve improves and finds a fruitful direction (other than Miss Delacour).