Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December 30, 1779

I have received several invitations to parties celebrating the new year, but knowing Thierry would be left out I have declined them in favor of a quieter evening with him. We shall instead celebrate a new beginning for us.

Comtesse de R-, hearing of my interest in acquiring a puppy informed me that one of her's has just whelped, and she says I may have one of the dear little ones when they are weaned from their mother. I am very excited, and have been to see the litter where I picked out a lovely red and white girl, who (if she survives) will go home with me to Auvergne.

Maman received a letter from her husband, Msr. Cordelay, who requested that she and Mattieu return home. Despite my own planned departure after the Christmas season, they left this morning. Mattieu will finish his studies in Riom, and they must decide very soon what next to do with him. I will miss being near to him.

It being now late in the morning and having had my tea, I must dress and see to some letters. Perhaps I will choose some fabric for my new anglais, but as it is cold I think I would much rather stay at home.

Olympe, Comtesse

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