Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 20, 1780

We have had unseasonably fine weather for the last few days, but I fear that it is coming to an end as the clouds are coming in and the wind has picked up making everything cooler than I would wish. A tease of spring is something at least.

Thierry sends word that the Ferme will indeed recall him back to Paris in a month or so, a fact which raises my spirits considerably. The question then becomes, will they send him off again? Will they promote him? Will they have no further use for him after he is recalled? So much is uncertain. If he is not retained I look to travel with him back to Auvergne, as originally planned, come May.

Pauline is showing her condition, but is ill much less frequently now than she was. The baby is expected in June, but while I think she is looking forward to the child's arrival, she and the footman Robert do not seem on pleasant terms. I have heard rumors, but have yet to see any bruises. If I do he will not long remain in my employ though they are married.

I owe Christine a letter and am much overdue in writing it, so I will attend to that.

Olympe, Comtesse

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