Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some French Inspirations

What could be more french than a fleur-de-lis? This one on pearlescent compact is chic and simple, and the white color means that it goes with just about everything. This is makeup you put on in public, where everyone can admire your style.

"Fleur-de-lis" is of course a lily, and what could be more lovely than fresh lilies? These are Casablanca lilies, to be exact, and I love them perhaps best of all because I will be carrying them in my wedding next year.

It is said that pearls are the foundation of a woman's jewelry box, and when have pearls ever been out of fashion? Where diamonds can be hard and cold, pearls are somehow personal, yet decadent.

Even more comforting than jewelry there is food. Who could resist such delicacies as these? I know I didn't, and despite the strictures of my corset ate more than one serving. These were made by my caterer for a party I had two springs ago. The colors of the pastries matched my dress, and be sure to check out the Cygnes; little swans filled with cream.


  1. "Even more comforting than jewelry there is food." Aah, truer words were never spoken. Comfort food and tea (and afternoon tea) are at the top of my list.