Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August 18, 1779

I must find a way to cease playing cards for a while, as I have lost much more than I have won. Every night I go to bed far later than I mean to, and am obliged to rise for my Lever far earlier than I want to. Maman is allowing Mattieu a short holiday to enjoy the capital before he resumes his lessons, but next week he will have to return to his studies.

Still have not made a formal visit to Versailles, and my court gown is still in progress as the shop is overrun with orders for the season. I did manage to find a good wigmaster, and am very pleased with the results. I think that I enjoy favorable company in part because of my rank and freedom, but were I less free with my money that might soon cease to be the case. It is hard to know who to trust in the city. No one speaks of the reacquisition to me, but I am fairly sure they must know that that is why I have come.

Olympe, Comtesse

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