Thursday, August 6, 2009

August 6, 1779

Yesterday the rain prevented me from accomplishing my goals of riding and painting, but today being fine I was able to do both. I rode in the morning for a few hours, taking in the serene beauty that will no doubt elude me completely in the capital; and then in the afternoon I finished my landscape from last week. I must say I am well pleased with it, and may indeed take it with me on my journey, in which case I must remember to inform Marianne that it should be packed, or else it will be forgotten. I also began a drawing; another self-portrait, but this time perhaps the chosen medium will prove easier to manage. Having not yet completed the face it is difficult to say whether I will be successful. Tomorrow I will continue the attempt.

There was momentary excitement at dinner when one of the candelabras fell over and set the tablecloth on fire, but it was quickly put out by a footman (whose name I believe is Gilbert). Other than that, and a small Lever this morning in which some artisans presented a new cheese which I cannot take with me, it was a quiet day full of pleasant relaxation. Three days remain, and I am just beginning to look forward to all that may occur once we reach Paris.

Olympe, Comtesse

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