Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 20, 1779

Today I finally made a formal visit to Versailles. Having been presented when I reached my majority, there was no need to go through a formal presentation; though I know it has been too many years since I was last here and I have changed somewhat (for the better, I think).

There was, however, the presentation of some few ladies and gentlemen before Their Majesties, and attendant Princes of the Blood, necessitating that I wear the only mantua I had brought with me. I felt very ill at ease due to the fact that it was not made recently in Paris, but then these court costumes have not changed signigicantly in many years. Perhaps it was only the hours of standing and making our obeisance that made me feel poorly.

The ceremony took the better part of the day, from morning until late afternoon, afterwhich I and six or seven others went and watched the royal family dine, and returned home to change our clothes. Having done so I spent my first truly leisurely evening at home with Maman and Mattieu.

Leaving Maman to her embroidery and reading, Mattieu and I walked the gardens and explored the Orangerie at Sully. We even broke into a race at one point, but my slippers were ill-suited to the task and he outran me quickly. Going in I found that a note had come from Msr. Poisson suggesting that he come to Sully tomorrow to discuss getting my petition before the King. I, naturally, sent one back at once accepting this arrangement and am now eagerly awaiting the day.

Olympe, Comtesse

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