Thursday, August 27, 2009

August 27, 1779

Nothing but bad news of late it seems. Msr. Poisson was unable to make our first meeting after all, which I did not receive notice of until my morning lever. (I feel that I would accomplish so much more at a coucher, as I think better at night.) We did meet a few days later, but it turned out that mostly he was requesting more money to bribe people with. I gave him part of what he asked for and told him to see what he could do. Meanwhile I have attempted to find some small service with the Queen. Nothing has come of that yet.

A wheel has cracked on my main carriage, just today, which will be expensive to repair I am told. T- writes that he has not heard any news about a commission and is very worried. If he is worried enough to tell me so plainly, then I know it to be true. He knows not when he will be able to come visit Paris, but it increasingly seems that he must in order to find work.

My steward also wrote, as he does nearly daily, and informs me that I must cease gambling if we are to make the money last until December. If only I had won more, but I expect everyone who loses feels that way. I sent out some pearls to be worked into a necklace, but am now told that they are very demode. I cannot keep up with these constantly changing fashions.

The only good news is that Christine is in town, and we are to meet in the Tuileries Gardens Sunday after mass. I have missed her so, it will cheer me considerably to see her again!

Olympe, Comtesse

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