Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Battle of Procrastination

So, new plan. I find far too many excuses, like most people, to avoid the sewing I need to be doing. In order to better combat this tendency I'm going to report every day on the sewing that I have accomplished. No one should have to sew every day, so I give myself free reign to take three days off per week from sewing (extraordinary circumstances excepted, of course). You all are encouraged to yell at me if you see that I am not keeping to this.
Tonight I took the body of my last chemise and sewed one sleeve on, and French seamed the side of it to finish. Then I skipped ahead a bit because the linen was starting to unravel more than I liked and I hemmed the bottom. I have one more sleeve to put in, finish the other side seam, make some bias for the neckline, gather the front and back necklines and sandwich between the bias, finish the bottoms of the sleeves by gathering them to the sleeve bands, then add the lace to the neckline to finish.
Wow, I didn't realize how much was left. Good thing I have three other chemises done and no set deadline for this other than that I need it before I can start my court manteau.


  1. just found your blog
    so lovely I will visit often.
    and link you on my blog
    gr. Anna

  2. Thank you so much! You are my first commenter, and it is so nice to know that others enjoy what I've written.