Sunday, January 17, 2010

January 17, 1780

My little masquerade was a terrific success! The food was delicious, the music enchanting, and the guests stayed until four in the morning, at which point Thierry and I crept exhausted to bed. Nearly everyone I had invited was there, and T- was as charming as I have ever seen him be, which to my great delight meant that he was well-received. Of course the ruse of the masque was such that no one was quite certain who he was, except for our very closest friends. A little mystery would seem to add excitement to the party.

Mme B-H- was the first to arrive, without her husband, and yet the last to leave; and despite a terrible cold the Marquise de C-A- attended, the Marquis arriving somewhat later in his own carriage (one wonders where he arrived from). Even Mme C- was there, having very recently given birth to her second son. She asserted very drunkenly at one point that it was the very last child she intended to provide for her husband, so I expect she will be leaving Paris for the company of her lover in Provence shortly. The widowed Duchess M- attended, and rumor has it that her lawyers may yet succeed in securing for her all of her late husband's estates, despite his natural son's claim.

The air was thick with gossip and laughter, and everyone seems to have had a very pleasant evening. I was very worried at first, but soon relaxed when the wine and the conversation began to flow. Comtesse de R- was not in attendance, which saddened me as I had wanted to inquire after the health of my puppy. I await word from her soon on the subject.

Today has been very relaxed, and we have done little while the servants recover Sully. Tomorrow I must settle with some merchants, and begin preparations for our departure.

Olympe, Comtesse

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