Saturday, January 9, 2010

January 8, 1780

I am having difficulty remembering that the 1770's are over, and continue to write '1779' instead of '1780' on all of my correspondance. Mostly this consists of letters to Maman, Christine, and my steward, but also some orders to various marchandes. Today I started with letters in the morning, and sent Marianne to assist with the preparations for the masquerade. Pauline then accompanied me to pick up some shoes I had ordered, as well as a shirt for Thierry, new stockings, and we checked on my new travel outfit, which is coming along nicely; or so they assure me.

I am counseled by Msr. Poisson that there is no need to respond to the King's offer until the court returns from their annual trip to Fountainbleu. If I have a good reason for returning to Auvergne, like a visit to my mother in Riom, then I can return to Versailles after the King does and make my decision then. There is the thought that a quick, secret marriage would forestall any objection, but I fear the reaction that might provoke.

T- and I have dined simply, much as we did in Auvergne which I begin to miss. I am now looking forward to Chateaugay and the peace of home; even as I once did the delights of Paris. This trip has been something of a disappointment, yet undeniably enjoyable as well. Tonight I plan to read, spend time with T-, embroider the pair of pockets that I never seem to finish, and make plans for which items to take back with me and which to leave here.

Tomorrow I will meet with Mme le Sang-Boeuf about all of the arrangements. I have decided that for her own good I will take Pauline back with me, and I will leave her husband here since I really do not need another footman at any of my residences in Auvergne. I hope this is not a cruelty, and I will pay special attention to her feelings when I inform her of my plans tomorrow.

Olympe, Comtesse

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