Monday, January 25, 2010

January 25, 1780

The weather has warmed slightly, for which I am very glad as it makes it ever so much more bearable to be out of doors. I even went for a stroll in the park with T- this morning, and he teased me about how soon I could bring my very own puppy here. Of course that implies that we will yet be staying in Paris after the puppy becomes mine.

This could very well turn out to be true, as one of our contacts in the navy may be willing to sell a commission, and T- may just be desperate enough to let me buy it for him. I am attempting to negotiate secretly, but T- is very good at sniffing out secrets so he will probably discover the plot before I can purchase it behind his back.

Maman seems to be missing Paris, or at least not to be enjoying home very much, since her last letter to me was full of scathing criticisms about my choices and expenditures. It iritated me so that I have not been capable of responding for more than a week. I wonder how my brothers are faring; though in truth I almost never have a letter from Andre in Ferney, so there is nothing unusual in that.

The staymaker is behind on my order, but the wait will be worth it I am sure, as no one fits me as well as he does. I tried a new style with my hair yesterday when the hairdresser was here, but was not pleased and ordered a wig instead. I expect that once we leave the city for Auvergne I will not be ordering any new things for quite a while, so I am taking advantage of the opportunity to do so now.

Today I wish to finish some embroidery while T- reads to me, and then we will have F&R for dinner and some cards. A quiet and peaceful day, awaits overall.

Olympe, Comtesse