Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 3, 1780

After a quiet New Years with T- we have begun in earnest to plan our escape. It appears that we may leave at the end of the month, but I have ordered several new ensembles and if they are not finished in time then we will delay until they are. There is no better time to acquire new clothing than while one is in Paris. I also, of course must wait for the puppy.

There is some concern about the roads, but the other problem is that the money which I brought is nearly gone, and I do so want to settle with my creditors before I leave.

Another problem I have to consider is whether to bring Pauline home with me, or leave her here with her new husband. I am by no means certain of the treatment she will receive on her own, but I have no use for an additional footman in Auvergne and it seems somehow improper to separate them. However, I'm sure her mother would wish to see her, and by keeping her close I may ensure that she and her child receive the best care. I have determined to keep l'Hotel de Sully at least for a while, and so Mme le Sang-Boeuf and the other servants will stay on.

No word from Maman yet to say that she has arrived safely in Riom. I have finally done as she suggested and visited Saint Cyr yesterday. The sisters look the same as they ever did, and several who were there at my time yet remain. They very much appreciated the books I brought, and the girls were happy for the oranges and sweets. I know what they were thinking, nonetheless; why is this lady unmarried? That being the destination of all our training I would seem to have failed. I of course could not tell them about Thierry.

Comtesse de R- and others are coming for cards soon, so I must prepare. Before I leave I must organize a party of some sort. I shall make plans for that today as well. If I make it a masquerade perhaps T- could attend.

Olympe, Comtesse


  1. @ Emmiline- I am eagerly awaiting your next one as well!

    @ Jossilynn- I love masquerades too, I used to help plan and host one every year. Perhaps it is a tradition that deserves revisiting.

  2. oh oh... I have some things on my cellphone, 'cause I am often writing on train etc...
    btw, there'll be a masquerade in my story too... later, when they're going to London for the season...