Monday, January 4, 2010

January 4, 1780

It is quite cold, a fact which deters my inclination to leave the city, but the desire to spend time openly with Thierry overcomes all else. We have determined that as soon as I may take the puppy, we will travel to Riom where our families are, and will both stay at my castle, Chateaugay. When the weather warms a little, we will then proceed further south to dear Saint Saturnin.

In the meantime I am busying myself with seeing to the last orders from my marchandes, and planning the masquerade. There is something so delightfully wicked in hiding identities. I have on more than one occasion had cause to note that people are very different when masked, and do what they otherwise would not. Thierry will fit right in, I hope. Today I will decide the menu, and send someone to the printer's for invitations. There is still much to do before the 15th, including having my costume re-made.
There is yet an answer to be made about the Duchy, but I admit I have been avoiding it. I will speak to T- and see what advice he gives, as well as Msr. Poisson.
Olympe, Comtesse