Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Countess' New Clothes 1

In August Olympe will travel to the capital, so if you've been following this diary you know that she is having new clothes made, and some old ones reworked. What you may not know is that in so far as is possible, the clothes really are being made.

I began with a chemise, 100% linen, cotton lace, satin ribbon, 100% handsewn. It has a wide square-cut neckline and 3/4 length tight sleeves, suitable for wearing under a robe a l'anglais or caraco or anything with the tight sleeves of the late 1770s and later. Two more chemises are in the works, these with the looser, gathered sleeves to the elbow, also in linen.

To follow there will be a quilted petticoat in cream satin with pink stitching and a deep pink ruffle at the hem. As well as a "Mantelet au lever de l'aurore", a dressing gown.
Fabric and trim for these last two projects is pictured here and is in shades of sage green, cream, champagne, and coral pink. I will post the design shortly.

Of course it won't end there. I'll follow with corsets, wigs, petticoats, hats, and whole new outfits. Stay tuned for more pics and progress!

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