Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 14, 1779

Very weary tonight, but I will stay awake long enough to record that I sent a letter to maman today inviting she and both of my brothers to join me on my trip to Paris. I will have quite a large enough residence for the three of them, and it may aid Andre in finding a useful profession. We will, however, have to arrange for a tutor for Matthieu, who is ever in need of schooling.

I finished reading M. de la Chalotais proposal and find it very elucidating. I do not agree with him on all points, but in general his plan of study would seem to be beneficial to all classes of society from laborers to young nobles, and rather than setting them against the honorable pursuits of their fathers, help them to better understand and content themselves in the work which God has set before them.

I visited tenants today, wrote part of my petition, and sent a note regarding the servants I would be taking to Paris and those which would need to be provided. Hopefully Mme Le Sang-Boeuf will be able to aid me once more in procuring reliable help.

I also took some time to paint, but grew impatient part of the way through the composition and did not complete it. Perhaps tomorrow I will take it up again, but I would not wager much on it. It seems that less and less frequently do I desire to practice those arts of painting or music I once found so pleasant.

I miss T- and hope he will be able to return soon, but only for the best of reasons. I will close before I begin to ramble.

Olympe, Comtesse

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