Monday, July 13, 2009

July 12, 1779

Maman has brought to my attention that while at Versailles I would do well to visit my old school, Saint Cyr, and perhaps take them a present of some kind to show my gratitude. I’m sure the school could use money or books, and the girls may appreciate something a little less serious. It was a pleasant enough place, and I owe many friendships to its experience, at least as much as my education. So many years I spent there, away from my mother, though she did visit, and barely meeting my brother Andre until he was older. Perhaps that is the reason for the formality of our current relationship.

The date for my arrival in Paris has been set for Tuesday, August 10th, and I will likely stay until December at least, though I hope to return to Saint Saturnin in time for Christmas. If, however, it is expedient to remain there for the whole season then I will amend my plans.

I read and embroider and tomorrow, if the weather is fine, I may ride out to visit some tenants. Otherwise my time is occupied with preparing for this journey. I replied to Christine, and hope to receive a letter from her in response before I leave. As she will also be in Paris I have invited her to stay with me, but I know she has had other offers and may well choose a prior engagement.

I am finding M. La Chalotais proposal for national education to be of interest. Curious how the ideas put forward then are applied to education today. Now, however, I will sleep and work on the preparation of my own request tomorrow. I hope that the king will be as kindly disposed towards me as he was towards M. La Chalotais, with whom he had more reason to disagree.

Olympe, Comtesse

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