Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 15, 1779

Other than word of our victory in Grenada, very little news for today. Still nothing from T-, though surprisingly a letter from M. Saint-Mikkael did arrive inquiring after my health. He is apparently still at Adrienne’s, but admits to his own upcoming journey to Paris, and suggests a visit in Auvergne on his way. I find his request presumptuous in light of his behavior in Briancon, but may consider in spite of that in order that I might give him the opportunity he seeks to redeem himself. He does assert that it was caused by an unfortunate misreading of my attentions towards him, so perhaps he is not entirely to blame.

Rode out for a while today, reviewed the nearest fields and took charity to a few families in need of assistance, at the suggestion of Abbe Veronde. I regret that I will be leaving Auvergne just as autumn begins, as that really is the prettiest season here. Today was very warm, but a late shower has cooled the air considerably.

The date of departure looms far too quickly and it seems increasingly impossible to adequately prepare in the time remaining. I suspect that quite a few things will have to be sent to me after I arrive.
Olympe, Comtesse

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