Monday, July 6, 2009

July 5&6, 1779

Spent the better part of the day traveling yesterday and arrived home to find that T- was here to greet me. We dined simply and retired early, nous restons ici.

Today T- had business and has been away most of the day, whilst I have attended to my own affairs. A meeting with my steward has confirmed the feasibility of renting the Hotel de Sully for my sojourn in Paris, and that simplifying my wardrobe will help matters immensely, therefore I will not have as many new things made as originally intended.

Maman continues to press me to take she and my brothers with me to Paris, which doubtless would be good for them, but difficult for me as they would only complicate an already delicate matter.

I am in the process of choosing swatches for those garments to be made, and responding to Christine’s latest letter. No news from the war in the colonies, or of our Layfayette, whom I trust is well. I begin to dread this trip, as I am no performer and much prefer the calmer, gentler atmosphere of home to the heady intricacies of court and capital. Still, I’m sure there will be many pleasant divertissements.
Olympe, Comtesse

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