Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Countess' New Clothes 2

Another chemise has been completed, linen with woven lace and satin ribbon again. The neckline is of the square drawstring variety. A final chemise is already halfway completed and should be done within the week, which brings me to four total and should suffice for now. Silk stockings are on backorder.

A dig through the fabric collection has also yielded all of the fabric necessary for making the two pairs of stays (corsets) mentioned in a previous entry. I have not abandoned the quilted petticoat and bedgown, those projects are in the works as well, and once completed they will received their own post.

The important thing to remember is that neither one chemise nor one style of corset will suffice for all kinds of outfits. The type of chemise worn beneathe a court gown is not the same as what would be worn beneathe a polonaise, and for corsets this is particularly true as the desired shape changed according to function and style. One of the two corsets being made will go under Olympe's traveling outfit, and the other under a l'anglais.

For those who may be interested this is what gives the polonaise in Olympe's picture it's shape.

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