Friday, July 17, 2009

July 16, 1779

Letters, letters, and more letters! One from maman saying now that though they will join me in Paris they will travel up separately after I have had a chance to “prepare for them”; in which case I do hope she will inform me as to what preparations they will need that I have not already allowed for. T- writes at last to say that the reacquisition is much talked of in Riom, and people are hoping for my success without much confidence in its feasibility. I shall hope to prove them wrong. Mme Le S-B writes that she can provide for the necessary servants, but would need wages up front for them before they even begin, which is problematic in that the cost of preparing for the journey alone is burdensome without having to pay people in advance for work not yet accomplished.

My order from the lingerie shop did finally arrive, and despite my initial tendency to be critical I find it very much to my satisfaction, and can hardly wait to put it to use. I have sent word to my marchande des modes and dressmaker that with the exception of my traveling outfit all order should be held and will be picked up or sent for once I reach Paris. I really must find a good wigmaker and hairdresser; that is essential.

The weather has turned stormy overnight and I doubt if I shall leave the chateau for the remainder of the day. There are more than enough letters for me to occupy myself with in the meantime. Which reminds me, I am still debating M. Saint Mikkael’s suggestion; if I invite him I also invite the potential for further expectations of intimacy, and if I do not I will establish my character as harsh and unforgiving. Prudish, even, which I dare say I am not. At this most delicate time in negotiations I can ill-afford any kind of negative reputation. Versailles may well respect me more for a whisper of scandal, than they would for glacial purity.

Olympe, Comtesse

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