Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 21, 1779

Received a very irritating letter from maman today, which proceeded to lecture me on the lack of wisdom inherent in pursuing the reacquisition instead of making a good marriage. I need not be reminded of my age and the increased likelihood that I will be unable to bear children of my own body. Yet, she seems determined to chastise me for the very things I cannot do, or for which there are consequences I would not prefer to face. Not seeking the reacquisition will not make marriage with T- come any faster, but then it is perhaps he himself that she objects to. I would think that having endured an arranged marriage herself that she would be happy to allow me to make my own choice in my own time. That, it seems, is not the case.

It has put me in a terrible temper all day, and I have not been fit for civil society.
Olympe, Comtesse

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