Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 27, 1779

Nothing but preparations for the trip these days. Nearly all of my gowns have been remade and packed in their trunks. This morning my grooms were polishing the tack, though I'm sure it will only get dusty on the journey. I tried once more to paint my self-portrait, but it never turns out to my satisfaction, and I wonder if that is because I fancy my appearance to be better than it is, or if my drawing skills are really so poor.

My paintings that I left behind in Briancon have arrived home, but I doubt the decor will require them at the Hotel de Sully, and if decor is needed I shall provide it based on what is new. The clothes for my maids have also arrived, and they are so excited they are wearing them already. I ordered them in yellow and red, as befitting the De La Tour D'Auvergne household, though I find red to be somehow a vulgar color, altogether too gaudy or too sombre depending on the shade. Nevertheless when my new court gown is made it too will be in those colors I think.

I have been trying to decide which books to take with me, and alternate between thinking I must take as many as possible to fill the library, and believing that my time will be so full that I won't ever read any of them. My steward has set aside a locked coffer with money for me to take, and we are debating who should have the key in case we are stopped by highwaymen. I believe that such a large party as ours is unlikely to be stopped, and even if we are they will not be able to get away quickly with something so heavy. If they do succeed in carrying away the box the lack of key will likely not stop them from finding a way to force it open.

T- has returned from his father's home, and reports that things are much improved. He spoke with the father of a friend while in Riom, and the father is going to attempt to aid T- in acquiring that long-sought commission.

The money is sent ahead for the servants, packing is underway, and it is only another week or so until we leave for Paris!

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