Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 21, 1779

Inspired, perhaps, by last night’s opera, we guests determined this evening to provide our own musical entertainments. Much as I do not like to perform for others, even I sang, and have to say I was pleased with my voice. Others played or even recited poetry (some of which was daringly vulgar).

Today I embroidered until my hands hurt too much to continue. I am making a pair of pockets, though why something so hidden is so well-decorated I sometimes wonder. I also wrote to Andre, who seems dangerously infatuated with his new petite-amie. I pray so hard that he will not rush into anything unwise. Maman seems not to see the danger, but would rather encourage him to marry and produce grandchildren for her as soon as possible.

Jacqueline has nearly convinced Adrienne to acquire another dog, though I find her own to be rather ill-behaved. Still, I am struck by the loneliness of my own home in comparison to the warmth and companionship a sweet little dog can provide. Perhaps after the season I will acquire one of my own. I mentioned this in my most recent letter to T-, and we will see what he thinks of the idea. I doubt he will say anything against it as he mostly encourages me to do as I please. I suspect he is the kind of man who would prefer a large hunting dog to sleep by the fire, as my father did. I myself would like something smaller, that I can carry and keep on my lap while traveling in the carriage. I know that small dogs are very fashionable for ladies at present, and they say that Madame Victoire is never without hers.
Olympe, Comtesse

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