Tuesday, June 30, 2009

May 24&25, 1779

As predicted, my last two days have been much busier than the week proceeding them. Sunday I went to hear mass said with the entire party, men included. We returned in time for a very nice meal, after which many a pleasant hour was spent on reading, listening to others play music, and a few games of cards at which I did well for once.

After dinner, as rehearsals for the play were just getting under way, I received a letter from T-. I excused myself and rather devoured than read it in the privacy of my own room. Delightfully I was informed that he was coming to the area that very night and would be staying near the lake that the rest of the party had visited the day of my arrival here. I had Marianne pack a few things for me, and informed Adrienne that my steward was arriving nearby the next day, and that I would be going to meet him precipitously on urgent business. I don’t know if she entirely believed me, especially as he could have just as well come here, but I convinced her that I did not wish to trespass further on her hospitality for the sake of my steward only. The rest of the night was spent in great anticipation.

I never was fully given the reason for his visit this far south, but the reunion was wonderful. I left Beau Monte early Monday morning and reached the lake before noon. We shared several private meals in his hotel, spoke for hours, walked along the banks together, and when it came time to say good-bye, never was parting so difficult. He loves me. I am sure of it. He only waits for the surety of his commission to ask for my hand. I am reassured, however temporarily.
More practically, T- had seen my steward and brought a letter from him, as well as the paints I had requested, more clothes, and some of the latest fashion plates to help me order for the season.

Arriving back at Beau Monte this evening around midnight, I have already written up an order for the lingerie shop in Paris where my last chemises were made. A new chemise a dormir and dressing robe are desperately needed, as Versailles is hardly a private place, and I would not want anybody to see me in what I currently wear. Perhaps soon…, but that is a wicked thought, and I will not complete it. I have such hopes for the future, I fear their disappointment.

Olympe, Comtesse

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