Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 23, 1779

My letter from T- today confirms my suspicions that he is not very fond of little lapdogs, and would prefer a larger dog for himself. He also is concerned because his eyes have been bothering him quite a bit lately, and may need spectacles.

It was a gorgeous day, very sunny, and almost too hot. After enjoying one of my new chemises last night, I put on an old francais and walked in the gardens. Msr. Lamotte convinced me to accompany him down into town to have a peek at the market, which was interesting with its variety of people and things.

No news lately about the war, or much of anything really. It is a quiet summer, and I look forward often to the coming season which will find me once more at Versailles and in Paris where there is so much to do and see, that one could scarcely accomplish it all.

A letter from my mother today was of the usual nature, and she hints at wanting to accompany me on my trip, which I shall resist most strenuously. Matthieu, dear though he is to me, has turned out to be quite a dunce at his studies, and Maman went so far as to say that had I been a boy I would have been very successful, for I am the most intelligent of her children. Praise indeed. My brothers have not a province to care for, and so if any of us should have been blessed with useful faculties it ought to be me by rights.

My dear friend Lady Magdalena writes that she was surprised to hear of my plan to be away in the autumn, and had hoped to visit then. As Thierry will be staying at Saint Saturnin part of the time, I extended the invitation to include her, knowing them to be great friends as well. I find it amusing to think that the chateau will be more full in my absence than it regularly is while I am in residence.
Olympe, Comtesse

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