Tuesday, June 30, 2009

May 20, 1779

Accomplished very little today, beginning with my rising very late in the morning. Marianne had brought breakfast in, but it was cold by the time I tried it. Briancon being in the mountains, is somewhat colder than I had anticipated, so I dressed more warmly today than the last two, but throughout the day found it increasingly warm and regretted my decision. Received a letter from my steward in regards to the expense of the land restoration we are seeking, but it is worth it if those areas formerly part of Auvergne are reunited with us.

Much of the talk today was of the entertainment we are considering making. I am not as enthusiastic as some, but will gladly take a part, if only to distract myself from thinking on T-. A comedy is largely considered the most popular choice, further discouraging me from taking the stage myself, as I do not like to be laughed at. Luncheon with Jacqueline was satisfying, though I find her focus on financial details a trifle prying, but perhaps I am overly-sensitive to it.

A letter to T- and one to my mother in Riom completed my correspondence for the day. Still have not hung those paintings, but perhaps I will tomorrow. Found the steep streets of town too much after a while today, and called on my carriage to carry me to the baker this afternoon, where I picked out some small cakes. Delicious, and I would worry more about my waist if I were not walking so much, over such mountainous terrain. Ate far too much at a small supper gathering at an establishment in town as well. The little sausages reminded me of home.

The carriage wheel stuck between some cobblestones on the way home, and I was afraid I would have to get out and walk the rest of the way, but it was fixed quickly enough. Some of the party played and sang until 9 tonight, and then we made our ways to an early bed; but Marianne and I played cards for some time after that and it being after midnight I am only now considering retiring to bed. No doubt it will be late in the day again before I rise tomorrow.

Olympe, Comtesse

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