Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 9, 1779 Lafayette and the Americans

Still have not made a decision about that order for my Marchande des Modes. I would like to have my mantelet au lever made in embroidered taffeta with green trim and ruffles, but that may be too much as no one seems to make theirs in color. I may do it anyhow; why fear to be different?

Today I rose early as I could not sleep and had breakfast with some of the party. Made up a few details about my supposed renovations, and went for a walk into the village with Msr. Lamotte, who was in high spirits, until a rainstorm forced us to return home abruptly. Napped afterwards for a few hours, and then wrote letters to my steward, my brothers, and my mother.

News of my reclamation has spread it seems, and there are even wagers, I hear, on whether I will succeed or not. Rumor has it that the king may be disposed to my suit, but how anyone would know that I am uncertain and do not trust such intelligence.

As to other rumors, Spain is supposedly considering going to war against England, in which case these American colonists may have a chance after all. With our support and such distractions for their enemies, one would think they could hardly fail; or perhaps I give our fine commanders too much credit. One hears such stories of Lafayette, but I can hardly help but be proud of such a distinguished citizen of my own dear province. When he returns from this war I think I shall have to have the pleasure of meeting him.

Tomorrow we are to visit the lake, if it does not rain. The stormy weather seems to have passed, and Msr. Lamotte has promised to bring his chess board that we might play. I think it will be a very pleasant day. A few days at home were all I needed to make me feel right again.

Olympe, Comtesse

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