Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 24, 1779

Today was very beautiful, with hardly a cloud in the sky, and quite warm. I confess I know not what I did with all of my time, other than to read some in the shade, and write a few letters; most notably one rather long one to my steward on the subject of the reacquisition. Sometimes I believe I am certain to have it restored, and at other times I feel it is hopeless. I wish the whole business were done with already so that I might know and not have to wait and worry.

In the afternoon we received a treat as Adrienne’s cook had made ice cream, which we enjoyed somewhat raucously outside in the gardens. There was more than one stomach ache following the games and ice cream, and the greater part of the group retired to rest in the early evening, including myself.

We were awakened by cries of “Fire!” around 8 o’clock, but it was contained quickly and no real damage appears to have been done. Probably someone fell asleep reading with a candle or something similar. Ever since the fire at my estate, Opme, I have been very cautious regarding candles. No one wants to die by fire, and it would certainly be an ungracious way to thank our hostess were we to burn her house down.
Marianne brushed my gowns off today and washed my linen so I have fresh clothing once more. No word from my Marchande on my new clothes, so I hope they have not fallen behind on their orders. I am considering having someone in Briancon remake my anglaises into polonaises, that way I will have at least some halfway decent clothes when I arrive in Paris. I should also give some thought to hats.

It now being nearly 2 o’clock in the morning I shall put this down and prepare for bed, I think. And I will not forget to ensure the candle is out when I do; let us hope the other inhabitants are equally cautious.

Olympe, Comtesse

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