Tuesday, June 30, 2009

May 21, 1779

Spent the entire day at the estate after rising very late in the morning. Finally hung my paintings with the help of Marianne and a manservant of the house. Had Marianne try a new hairstyle with my hair, but did not end up liking it. Read, but could not stay interested in it.
Joined the group at luncheon, after which we retired to the salon to discuss the proposed entertainment. One of the ladies is writing a new play for the occasion, as none could be found which all would agree upon. It is to be a comedy on the nature of love, and how to persuade a man into marriage. I wondered when it was proposed if Marianne had been gossiping about my situation, but am hoping it is unfounded worry. Spent the largest part of the day thus engaged.

Dinner was unappetizing, so I sent Marianne to the kitchen later for something upon which to nibble, and have done so most of the evening, while playing cards. I also made out my order for new clothes for the season and will send the request in a day or so after I have thought about it more fully. I anticipate joining the court at Versailles in a few months when the weather in Paris has cooled somewhat. I even anticipate that I may attend the Queen upon occasion, so my wardrobe must be made acceptable.

Find Briancon and Beau Monte very boring, despite the continued good weather, but having arrived less than five days ago I cannot abandon my kind hostess for a while yet. I suspect that this entertainment is a result of similar feelings on the part of the other guests, but naturally it is not a subject I can easily broach with them. I did finally meet with the husbands of several of the ladies this evening after dinner. They have been away on a hunting excursion, and do not associate much with the ladies in any case.

Tomorrow I must remember to read the script that Jeanne has written, and give it to Serafine who is making copies for everyone. The edits are my full contribution.

Olympe, Comtesse

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