Tuesday, June 30, 2009

May 23, 1779

Uneventful day. My hands hurt me a great deal so I have avoided doing too much. News came that the conflict drags on in the American colonies. I wonder how our Lafayette is doing. This son of Riom will either be a hero or a disappointment, but I have no doubt he will be noticed wherever he goes.

The play plans carry on, though I think it a silly thing. I wish now that I had not arranged this visit with Adrienne, but she seemed so desperately to want company for the season. If I had known how many guests she would have I never would have felt obligated to accept the invitation, when I had so much business at home to attend to.

Sent to my Marchand des Modes in Paris for suggestions for my new wardrobe. Read a little. Played some cards with the others. Listened to endless discussion of the play. In short, rien! I hope my paints and embroidery arrive soon so that I may better amuse myself. In addition, last night I distinctly heard wolves, but am reassured that they are beyond the walls of the town.
Must sleep now, for it is far too late, and tomorrow will hold a great deal more than today.

Olympe, Comtesse

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